Kate Waller

Director & Co-founder

With expertise and practical experience in graphic design, website builds, and event management, Kate is highly respected for her ability to take even the driest and most complex corporate communications and turn them into professional, well-designed and user-friendly materials.

Kate has previously held positions with graphic design, financial services, recruitment and retail companies, so she understands the needs of corporate clients. She is now focused on graphic design, and her current clients include resource exploration and development companies, event management specialists, manufacturers and retail service providers.


Stuart Crow

Director & Co-founder

Stu has more than 30 years experience in all aspects of corporate finance and investor relations in Australia and international markets, and has owned and operated his own businesses in these areas for the last twelve years.

Stu has a passion for assisting small companies to gain and maintain recognition in the market. He has an in-depth knowledge of client projects which allows him to highlight project upsides in both one-on-one and written communications.

Stu brings extensive working knowledge of capital markets to the company. He is also a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed TNG Limited and London AIM listed Ironridge Resources Limited.